For stairs as for platforms, there are many variations, distinguished not only by their appearance but also by function and use. Railings to match function and use will ensure safety on high buildings.

Whichever the option – framed staircase or spiral steps, with or without landing, fire escape, ladder tower or the steps outside public or domestic buildings – it is possible to create a steel construction that is either modern or classic in style.

In the case of platforms the options are for them to be free-standing or suspended and it is possible for them to be installed in a pre-existing hall or building. They are appreciated by many customers as a means of extending production or storage areas.

The variations in flooring or cladding (sheet steel, mesh, wood and many more) allow the appearance also to be varied. All will fulfil safety standards. Providing different kinds of filling between the railings enables the customer to adapt the design to the stairs or platform and give an individual look.

Choose from the FSP selection of stairs, staircases or platforms with railings:

  • Spiral staircases
  • Framed staircases
  • Flights of stairs with landings
  • Fire escapes
  • Ladder towers
  • Gangways
  • Free-standing platforms
  • Suspended platforms
  • Flooring with various surfaces
  • Rails with various fillings


  • Wangentreppe [Staircase]
  • Dachaufstieg [Roof access]
  • Arbeits- und Wartungsbühne [Working and maintenance platform]
  • Fluchttreppe [Fire escape]
  • Treppenturm mit Übergängen Müllverbrennungsanlage [Ladder tower with platforms for incinerator]
  • Klavierbühne abgehangen [Suspended platform]
  • Rettungs- und Fluchttreppe [Emergency exit stairs]
  • Treppenturm [Outside staircase]
  • Arbeits- und Bedienbühne  [Work and service platform]
  • Laubengang [Balcony passage]
  • Spindeltreppe [Spiral staircase]
  • Treppe Dachterrasse [Staircase to roof terrace]