Steel is the veritable all-rounder, capable of assuming different shapes and executing an almost infinite variety of schemes. FSP is not restricted to the familiar type of building such as halls, staircases and bridges, but is experienced in the extraordinary or even extravagant. The project can be carried out to the customer’s exact wishes and needs.

Because it is possible, as has been said, to make almost anything of steel, please come to FSP to have your ideas put into practice with full consideration of both your requirements and the external conditions.

There are other special tasks to mention under the heading of special constructions. FSP will take apart your old steel building, deal with the disposal or even move it and erect it somewhere else.

To tickle your imagination, here are some special steel construction ideas:

  • Roofing over of carparks or courtyards
  • Carports
  • Entrance porches
  • Shells for such purposes as skip storage
  • Indoor partitions
  • Balconies
  • Balcony passages
  • Substructures for such things as pipelines
  • Substructures for tanks
  • Industrial strainer frameworks
  • Conveyor systems
  • Soundproof working areas
  • Weight-bearing silo supports
  • Industrial mixer shafts
  • Infeed units
  • Substructures for machinery
  • Weight-bearing structures for hoardings
  • Supply of small parts and components
  • Reerection and disassembly of buildings
  • Special customer requests


  • Vordach [Porch]
  • Portalerweiterung Umspannwerk [Gantry extension for transformer]
  • Wellenschweißung [Crankshaft welding]
  • Eingangselement [Entrance]
  • Waschplatzüberdachung [Roof over carwash]
  • Verbindungsgang [Connecting corridor]
  • Aussichtsturm Noas Segel [Observation tower Noas Segel]
  • Informationsstand Erlebnispfad [Infostand for woodland centre]
  • Innnenausbau Audi [Interior work Audi]
  • Balkonunterkonstruktion [Balcony subconstruction]
  • Untergestell Siebtower [Lower frame of strainer]
  • Sonderkonstruktion Maschine [Special building for a machine]
  • Pavillon [Pavilion]
  • Dachfenster [Skylight]
  • Schallschutzkabine verfahrbar [Movable soundproof working area]