Roofs and facades can be made in steel for a variety of functions and yet stand out with their individual design.

FSP will ensure that material selected and used takes account of the insulation, corrosion-proofing, sound-proofing and fire-proofing needs.
The sheet used for cold conditions such as those experienced by warehouses and roofs will normally be trapezoidal in cross section while varied in its dimensions. These roofs will be provided with ventilation beneath or condensation protection. Where the work of production and manufacture is taking place, the EnEV (German regulations on energy conservation) will apply to the provision of a pleasant working temperature without loss of energy efficiency.

It is possible to manufacture walls by combining cassette panels, sandwich insulation panels, breeze block and trapezoidal section sheet.
In the same way, roofs can be composed of trapezoidal section sheet or sandwich insulation panels. Another possibility is to have a membrane as part of a flat roof.

The individualisation of the general shape and of the pattern of the wall and roof elements can, together with colour combination, endow any industrial or other premises with a unique appearance.

Forms of roof:

  • Trapezoidal sheets
  • Insulating (sandwich) panels
  • Flat roof with membrane sealant

Forms of wall:

  • Trapezoidal sheets
  • Cassette panels
  • Insulating (sandwich) panels
  • Breeze blocks


  • Wandmontage Isowand [Installing wall insulation]
  • Containerüberdachung [Skip cover]
  • Überdachung und Verkleidung [Roofing and cladding]
  • Dachmontage [Roof installation]
  • Wandmontage [Wall installation]
  • Überdachung Parkhaus [Multi-storey carpark roof]
  • Oberlichtband [Linear skylight]
  • Überdachung Regenberlaufbecken [Rain overflow basin roof]
  • Parkplatzüberdachung [Car park roof]
  • Einhausung Turm [Tower enclosure]
  • Dach Bürogebäude [Office building roof]
  • Überdachung [Roofing]