A key business element for FSP is specialised construction of factory halls customised to individual customer wishes and then fully executed.

In the FSP engineers’ office, complex designs and their fulfilment can take place: testable static calculations and drawings to support the manufacturing and assembly aspects of steel construction. If a customer wants the statics calculated for the foundations together with the foundation design, FSP will provide them. The dimensioning and value-for-money aspects will always be optimised.

Besides value for money and the technical considerations, aesthetics will often also matter. There are hardly any limits to the scope of constructions in steel as far as shape, colour and configuration of the facades are concerned: your corporate image can be reflected.

From the drawings made to take account of dimensioning and statics, FSP manufactures the steel building elements which are then galvanised or given a coloured coating to prevent corrosion. Because such individual elements as girders and sheets have been made to measure in advance, the assembly is fast and accurate.

It goes without saying that FSP will, if the customer so desires, gladly fit all the additional elements to the basic shell: standard or strip windows, skylights, SHE systems, standard and rollover doors, porch and entrance elements, loading gantries etc.

FSP is thus available with all its professional competence to support you as the customer right through from initial consultation to formal acceptance and will be there into the future as a reliable partner for maintenance and service.

The FSP range of hall-type construction:

  • Factory halls
  • Commercial buildings
  • Manufacturing premises
  • Warehouses
  • Logistics units
  • Exhibition halls
  • Workshops
  • Engine rooms
  • Halls with attached offices
  • Halls with photovoltaic installations
  • Motorcar showrooms
  • Refrigerated storage halls
  • Supermarkets
  • Sports halls
  • Leisure centre halls
  • Indoor riding halls
  • Agricultural storage units


  • Neubau Fertigungshalle mit Büroanbau [New manufacturing hall with attached office]
  • Neubau Beschichtungszentrum [New coating centre]
  • Neubau Lagerhalle mit Anbau [New warehouse with extension]
  • Neubau Industriehalle mit Sozialtrakt und Büro [New industrial premises with staff rooms and office]
  • Neubau Galvanikgebäude [New electroplating workshop]
  • Neubau Produktionshalle [New production hall]
  • Neubau Produktionshalle mit Büroanbau [New production hall with attached offices]
  • Neubau Industriehalle mit Büroeinbauten [New industrial premises including offices]
  • Neubau Schulungszentrum [New training center]
  • Neubau Fertigungshalle mit Sozialgebäude [New manufacturing hall with staff area]
  • Neubau Produktionshalle mit Einbauten [New production workshop with installations]
  • Neubau Autohaus [New car dealer]
  • Logistikcenter mit Büroanbau [Logistics centre with attached office]
  • Neubau Containerhalle [New container hall]
  • Neubau Abstellhalle [New storage hall]