The FSP building and engineering company provides you as the customer with everything from the drawing board to the finished building when steel is the weight-bearing element.
Obviously, the first stage takes place on the drawing board and includes the statics calculations, fire precautions and such external factors as weather exposure and local conditions. In the process, FSP makes use of state-of-the-art technology and computer programs.

After the detailed planning, taking into account all the individual criteria, FSP will produce the technical drawings to enable minimum material quantities to be kept to a minimum, the space available to be optimally exploited and the value for money to be raised to a maximum. After this, the building components will be manufactured, corrosion-proofed and then assembled on site.

By being a one-stop shop and having in-house statics experts, FSP can provide architects and builders at all times with the best of advice on the project planned, always able to provide the ideal solution right through from design to installation.

FSP products and services:

  • Suggested options and configurations
  • Dimensioning
  • Statics calculations
  • Building plans and drawings
  • Workshop schematics in detail
  • Foundation design and planning
  • Roof and wall layouts
  • Costing


  • Vermessung mit Laser [Measuring by means of laser]
  • Ausdruck von Plänen [Printing out designs]
  • Planung und Statik [Design and statics]