Cranes are of considerable importance in production and storage areas, lifting or moving heavy loads. As such, industrial life is unimaginable without them.

The team of FSP engineers will design your crane support system, calculate the statics, manufacture the girders and install the system on-site. In this way, the customer receives the full service from one address, starting at the drawing board right on through manufacture and assembly. On request, FSP will also obtain for the customer the ideal crane to meet the demands from a reputable manufacturer.

It is possible for crane guide rails to be free-standing as a gantry or to be mounted on concrete and trusses. The actual guide rails are firmly welded to the weight-bearing girder. Corrosion proofing is, of course, carried out to match the conditions of use, indoors or outdoors.

FSP also offers a service for existing crane systems: full renovation and repair with possible replacement of steel sections and installation of the new parts.

The FSP range of crane-related services:

  • Statical determination and structural planning in accordance with DIN EN 1993-6, DIN EN 1090-2 EXC 3
  • Crane support and guide rails for industrial and commercial premises, travelling cranes, suspended cranes, truss cranes, semi-portal cranes
  • Guide rails and supports for conveyor systems with high tolerances
  • Outdoor crane support systems
  • Supplied complete with crane if requested
  • Installation in existing buildings (whether fixed or not)
  • Inspection of existing crane systems
  • Customised orders


  • Zwei Kranbahnen [Two crane girders]
  • Kranbahnanlage [Overhead crane system]
  • Krananlage [Crane system]
  • Demontage und Montage Krananlage [Crane removal and assembly]
  • Kranbahn [Crane girder]
  • Vier Kranbahnen [Four crane girders]