Construction in steel does not end there, for there are numerous ways in which FSP can serve their customers with extension or conversion of an existing building. Additions or extensions can be made to factory halls; adaptations can be made to the interior to create more production and storage space.

In such situations FSP will attend to the statical determination, providing any necessary supports or replacing existing ones. Reinforcement and increased rigidity for existing building elements is one of the matters considered in the comprehensive service offered by FSP – not to be forgotten, particularly when adding new storeys.

Using steel, especially in combination with other building materials, makes many things possible. Wide spans are an example, achieved without building to great heights or accruing high intrinsic weight.

Not only for hall-type buildings, but for every type of building in steel, it is possible for repair, modification and maintenance services to be provided by FSP. The staff is well trained in all aspects. FSP can likewise carry out such tasks as welding repairs in quarries and for other machinery with hardened parts.

The FSP services:

  • Exchange of supports and girders
  • Steel underpinning
  • Reinforcement on change of use or increase in load
  • Installation of various constructions into existing buildings
  • Crane guide rail trusses
  • Crane guide rails
  • Facades for hall-type buildings
  • Roofs for hall-type buildings
  • Wearing sheets
  • Wearing plates
  • Railings
  • Staircases
  • Platforms
  • Grating


  • Auftragsschweißen [Welding commission]
  • Erweiterung Produktionshalle und Überdachung [Extension and roof for factory hall]
  • Überdachung Parkhaus [Multi-storey carpark roof]
  • Erweiterung Werkstatt [Extension garage]
  • Erweiterung Wäschereigebäude [Laundry building extension]
  • Erweiterung Produktionshalle [Extension factory hall]
  • Seitlicher Anbau [Side extension]
  • Seitlicher Anbau Produktionshalle [Side extension to workshop]
  • Erneuerung Dachkonstruktion [Roof renewal]
  • Umbau und Modernisierung Hotel und Restaurant [Hotel and restaurant renovation and modernisation]
  • Anbau Überdachung [Extension of roof]
  • Anbau Lagerhalle [Warehouse extension]