One of the most exciting tasks for the builder in steel is bridge building.

To create a free span from one support to the next and to accommodate both load and vibration is a huge challenge. Bridges made of steel differ from those made of wood or concrete – they are light in weight in themselves yet can carry heavy loads.

When FSP is involved in bridge construction, the company works closely with the architects, designers and builders so that the company plays a full role in the design, for example, of a road bridge or footbridge. FSP itself has the capacity to carry out the statics calculations and detailed work scheduling as well as the actual manufacture of what is designed. After the corrosion proofing, fully qualified FSP staff can contribute their abilities in the assembly process.

For FSP, bridge building is not always a matter of design and assembly of a new bridge, but sometimes the renovation of existing constructions.

The FSP range of bridge building products and services:

  • Footbridges
  • Road bridges
  • Cycle path bridges
  • Bridges to connect buildings
  • Gantries for pipes and cables
  • Conveyor belt gantries
  • Mobile crossings
  • Bridge renovation


  • Rohrbrücke Abstoßleitung [Protective bridge for discharge pipe]
  • Fußgängerbrücke [Footbridge]
  • Brücke für Fußgänger [Bridge for pedestrians]
  • Fußgänger- und Radfahrerbrücke [Foot and cycle bridge]
  • Rohrbrücke Entnahmebauwerk [Bridge with drainage pipe]
  • Brücke für Viehtrieb [Cattle bridge]
  • Fußgängerbrücke Krankenhaus [Hospital footbridge]
  • Verbindungsbrücke zwischen Gebäuden [Bridge connecting buildings]
  • Rohrbrücke [Bridge for pipework]
  • Verbindungsbrücke zwischen Verkaufshallen [Bridge connecting mall sections]
  • Fugnger- und Radfahrerbrcke [Foot and cycle bridge]
  • Sanierungsarbeiten Brücke [Bridge renovation work]