Building in steel has many advantages. The material can be applied in many forms, to meet many challenges and to fulfil many functions. All of them tailored individually to your requirements and your wishes.

FSP GmbH (GmbH is the German equivalent of a Limited company) has a number of specialisms: steel buildings, steel bridges, civil engineering in steel, industrial and commercial buildings. As such, we can be your supportive business partner, providing the whole service, not only the building but all the necessary advice. Come to our one-stop shop for the whole works: planning and design, manufacture and assembly, repairs and maintenance.

We always have an eye to the most economical construction to meet the specific mechanical demands made by the roof span and the loads to be borne. We use state-of-the-art technology for the dimensioning and execution. Our staff are without exception highly trained specialists. They include structural and general engineers, practical technicians and our own manufacturing and assembly team.

Proven quality, high flexibility and the virtues of fast but reliable execution – these are our trademarks both during design and construction.